End Suction Pump
Stainless Steel Pump
Closed Couple Centrifugal Pump
Self-Priming Pump
Coumn Sump Pump
Vertical Multistage Inline Pump
Inline Pump
Deep Well Pump
Horizontal Split Case Pump
Horizontal Multistage Centrigugal Pump
Meyer Pressure Diaphargm Tank
QW Series Submersible Pump
Horizontal Split Case Fire Pump
Vertical Turbine Fire Pumps
End suction fire Pumps
Tornatech Controller (UL/FM)
Robotti Submersible Ejector
Robotti Submersible Aerator


       Rich Rise Company (RRC) is joint Thai-Australia company located on Ramindra Road, Thailand, The Company was established ten years ago since June 21, 1996 as both an import and distributing water pumps company, These included pump for air conditioning system, Sanitary work, Fire protection system and wastewater treatment system and Controller.

       At present , Rich Rise Co Ltd are allowed from Regent Pump Pty Ltd. to register to be Regent Pump ( Thailand ) Ltd. .
        We are appointed to be sole stockist of the product of regent pumps pty Lte. Within the kingdom of Thailand. We have owns warehouse in the company.
       Rich Rise Co.,Ltd. have efficient sale engineer team, Engineering specialist and service engineering team to provide customers with prompt after sales service. Always with our customers in mind. We offer them absolute flexibility in teams of customized approach in products and services.
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